Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jessica Day 7: Shoulders

Everyone loves shoulders! I actually think I need to rearrange my order of workouts. Starting out with legs is good, but then it means that the next 3 days it's all upper body (chest/back, shoulders, bis/tris) and it's kinda rough. :) At any rate here was the workout

Yet again I wasn't feeling the cardio. Kinda light headed (I need to get that under control) but knew I had to get it in if I'm going to be ready for this 5k on Saturday. So I jumped on the treadmill. I did an interval training sort of thing. 
1:00 incline at 2.0 Speed at 3.5 walking.
5:00 Increase speed to 5.0. Run
6:00 Decrease back to 3.5 walking
10:00 Increase to 5.0. Run. 
11:00 Decrease back to 3.5. Walking
14:00 Increase to 5.0 Run. 
15:00 Decrease to 3.5. Walk.
17:00 Increase to 5.0. Run. 
18:00 Decrease to 3.5. Walk
19:00 Increase to 5.0 Run. 
20:00 Decrease to 3.5. Walk
25:00 Increase to 5.7. Run
26:00 Decrease to 3.5 Walk. 
30:00 Cool down. Incline goes back to 0, Speed goes down to 2.8. 
35:00 All done :) 

I really like intervals. Sometimes I'll do one set interval like 3 minute walk, 1 minute run. It just depends on my mood and how much I want to change things up. :) 

1. Hoist Shoulder Press
As it turns out I actually have some pretty weak shoulders. :( Better keep workin on those. On the Hoist Machines the settings are labeled differently. I had it set on #1 which is 45 pounds. 3 sets of 15 reps
2. Free Motion Shoulder Press
We've done this one before so I'm not going to go into it. And it's pretty self explanatory. :) 
3 sets of 15 reps on 15 pounds. 

3. Side Plank Pulse
3 Reps of 15 each. I actually happen to really enjoy these. They're fun! :) (We've done them before too on the last shoulder day. Refer back if you can't remember)

4. Side Plank Twist
These are also kind of fun! Position yourself like you are going to do side plank, but instead of having your feet stacked, take the top foot and cross it over the bottom. Bottom elbow should be on the ground under your shoulder, other hand on floor for stability. Twist so that you are facing the ground. Here is a picture that is similar to what I do- but not exact. 
Let me know if you are having a hard time understanding. I'll either take a video of me doing it or show you. :) 

Make sure you stretch afterwards!!!!!

Okay so I feel like all I did was eat today, yet I've been starving all day long. Go figure. 

Breakfast 314 Calories
I tried the Cake Batter Muscle Milk Light today. Let me just say this.... IT BLEW MY MIND! It was so good, really did taste like cake batter. Even reminded me of the cake batter ice cream I used to get at Cold Stone, which also made me realize I haven't been there in forever... and don't even crave it. Hooray. :) I did 2 scoops with a 1.25 cups of skim milk. It has slightly more calories than the apex fit lite I was drinking before but not bad. Plus 2 scoops contain 25 grams of protein! perfect! :) Seriously go get it, it's delicious. 

Snack 54 Calories
I was getting slightly hungry (nothing too bad) and I was feeding the kids a snack of bananas. I had half of one leftover so I ate it. Good choices. :) 

Lunch 512 Calories
Lunch had more calories than I had hoped but given the situation I was actually surprised it wasn't more. Our bosses got us lunch in honor of a coworker who is leaving us. :( WAAAAAAH! So while I did bring my lunch today, I walked into the staff lounge and it was wings. Now lucky for me I'm not a huge wing fan- I don't dislike them, but I don't ever choose them. So I stuck with my sandwich that I brought and had 2 wings and 10 fries. Just enough to say that I'd been able to enjoy the lunch, not be starving, and not overeat. All about moderation friends! I also had my little cup of diced pears. 

Snack 348 Calories
Yet again... I have GOT to figure out what I'm going to do about my snack between work and the gym. I obviously can't go work out having not eaten in 5 hours.... 
I ran to the kitchen to see what I could find. I was really hoping for string cheese but that failed. I found some cheese slices, so grabbed 3 of those and a nutrigrain bar. Not the best choice, but it would work. I did not pass out during my workout. Always a plus. :) 

Dinner 451 Calories
1 serving of crockpot bbq sandwich and I was still hungry so I had a peach muffin. I'm doing alright now as far as hunger goes. I've had a headache most of the day and I'm not sure what that's about.  

Calories Consumed (1600 Goal) 1681 (A little over, but not something I'm too terribly concerned about
Calories Burned (2350 Goal) 2316 (ummm not sure how with cardio I still didn't hit it, but oh well)

Deficit 635 so that is good.

Remember friends- moderation. :) Oh and go get cake batter muscle milk light. For it is delicious. :) 


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