Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jessica Day 6: Chest and Back

It's been so long since I've done an actual post that I didn't even remember what day I was on. We'll call it day 6 and just pretend like there was never a gap! :)

Today was kind of a weird day in the sense that I felt like all I did for most of it was run around. I was running late to work this morning (which in Jessica time means I was on time) and that's never a great way to start the day. Today I'll start with food.

Breakfast 294 calories
Shake like usual. The problem was that I was almost completely out of powder. This didn't come as a surprise to me. I knew that I was low and had intended on getting more at the gym on Monday, but I didn't end up going to the gym on Monday because I went to Estes Park. Oh well. I put what was left in the cup and used the same amount of milk. I don't know how much powder actually made it in there, but it tasted like I was just drinking milk. So I'm pretty sure the calories were under the usual but I don't know how much- I guess it's better to just round up. :)

Snack 163 Calories
Remember a while back when I said I needed to add a snack? Well add that to the fact that I didn't have as big of a breakfast as I usually do. My stomach was eating itself. I brought some peach muffins to work so I had one of those while I was on a van run. It gave me just the boost I needed. :)

Lunch 392 Calories
Yet again I was running late this morning and never got to the store this weekend to stock up on fruit and the like so I just had a ham and swiss sandwich (this time it was just ham, swiss, mayo, no pickles or anything), a yoplait light peach yogurt and a serving of diced peaches.

Snack 163 Calories
Ordinarily I don't have a snack between lunch and dinner but I had to go to the gym. I didn't have any protein bars in my gym bag (I really need to go buy some!) and I got out of work an hour later than expected because I was helping get the new industrial size refrigerator in the kitchen. (That was quite the task!) So I had another muffin since I knew the gym was coming and I was already kind of light headed.

Dinner 287 Calories
One serving of Crockpot BBQ Sandwiches. The calorie content is actually lower than this because the recipe I put in calls for hamburger buns and I used the sandwich thins. I'm kinda lazy tonight and didn't want to go in and change it. :)

Snack 227 Calories
At this point I still had 297 calories leftover. Generally if it's that close I won't eat anything but I've been pretty hungry and lightheaded all day. I rarely have a snack at this time of the day too. But when I do, it's my guilty pleasure snack. So I had one reduced fat oreo with 1 tbsp of peanut butter on it. Sound weird? Seriously try it. It's heaven. And 1 cup of skim milk. Perfection. 

Overall I did pretty well minus the fact that I felt light headed most of the day. I should probably figure that out and fix it. ;-)

Since I was feeling fairly lightheaded I opted out of the cardio today at the gym. I really wanted to get the strength training done so that's what I did. :) It was a chest and back day- those are always fun! Here's what I did!
1. Lat Pulldown. 
These always make me laugh because the first time I remember doing them with my trainer she told me to "stick the girls out" and bring the bar down to my chest. Of course every time I do this one I am surrounded by meatheads and it just makes me laugh. :) For the first set of 15 I had it on 40 pounds. The next 2 sets I upped it to 50. Hooray. 

See- she's stickin the girls out! :) 

After that I went over and did some mat work. This time I did  a rotation. We love rotations!
1. Push up to side plank. 
Pretty self explanatory. You do a push up, then turn into side plank. Do 10 of these. 
2. Plank with Row.
For this I used 12.5 weights. You go into plank, but you grab onto the weights. One at a time you lift one weight up to your armpit while staying in plank. 10 on each arm. I have a love hate relationship with this exercise. 

Doesn't that just look like so much fun?! ;-)

3. Plank on ball. 
Pretty self explanatory. Also I feel like we've done this one before. Let me know if you have any questions on form- hold this for 1 minute

Rotation is over- do 3 sets of each of these. :) 

Here is where it got challenging because I was at the gym at a very busy time. 

Free Motion Chest Press (Machine)
for this one, make sure you back is off the pad. I set the machine on 15 pounds. Take both arms at the same time and do a press, starting at your armpits and go straight out. 

The only difference is that you should have your back OFF the pad and be sitting straight up. :)

1 Arm Chest Fly on Bench
Here's where it got tricky because I tried to do this one multiple times and there were never any available benches so I had to get creative. Another way to do this that helps with your core is to use a stability ball. 
I used a 7.5 weight and only did one arm at a time. To situate on the ball, start sitting on the ball. Then walk your feet out in front of you until you are lying down with you neck on the ball. Keep your core tight as you do each chest fly. Do 12 on each arm. 

See the similarities and differences???

Decline Pushup
I actually really love doing these for some weird reason. They're fun! :) I use the bench, though you can really use any surface that is elevated. I do 12 pushups and 3 sets. (I think by now you should see a pattern)
But seriously- how fun does this look?! :) 
That's the end?!

Okay remember my shake dilemma this morning? Well I decided to get some new shake powder while at the gym and they were having a sale so I switched to Muscle Milk Light. It was quite the intense decision making process but I am super excited for what I got. 

CAKE BATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                   PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!

I don't think I've ever been this excited for breakfast. :) I'm such a gym nerd. The girls at the front desk said they taste really good too. I'm pretty excited for it. Don't know which I'll try first. I'll let you know how they are though. :) 

Calories Consumed (Goal 1600): 1530
Calories Burned (Goal 2350): 2378
Deficit of 848 (Goal 750) so overall a pretty good day!

Happy Tuesday everyone! :) 

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