Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jessica Day 3- "Day of Rest"

Generally you should let your muscles rest if they're sore. I realize this contradicts with what I said yesterday about alleviating soreness by moving, but sometimes they need a break. I had planned on doing a workout today, but things came up and I ran out of time. With that being said, I still went to the gym. Every Tuesday night, you can find me there in the Hip Hop class. I know it sounds weird and honestly I can't tell you what originally got me to the class. But my first time in there I told myself I'd never go back. I never realized just how uncoordinated and white I am and it was really hard. Something had me keep going back though. Maybe it was my love of dance. I danced for 8 years when I was a kid and I really miss it. So Hip Hop on Tuesdays allows me to feed that craving. I've recruited some friends to join me so that always makes it more fun. On nights that I do really well and push myself, I usually burn about 500 calories within the hour. I haven't been getting much sleep this week and some other things have really zapped my energy, so unfortunately I was not at my best. :( I still went and danced, but I barely broke a sweat. So that is why I'm calling today a "day of rest" though it wasn't really. I just didn't work out as intense as I could have. However, when I plugged in my body bugg I was quite surprised. I really expected to only have burned about 200-250 calories. Nope, 474! Just imagine if I'd really pushed myself! 

Here's a video of some of the dances I do. :) So much fun! 

As far as food goes, it's kinda funny. All day I was hungry. ALL DAY! And it was like when I ate, I just wanted more. So I felt like I ate all day long and was sure I was going to go over on calories. After dinner, right before hip hop I logged my calories and found this. 

  • Shake as always 294 calories


  • Sandwich (Lean Honey Cured Ham, 1/2 slice of swiss cheese, 1 tbsp light mayo, 4 bread n butter pickles, 5 banana peppers on wheat bread)
  •  a whole pickle (leftover from jimmy john's last week)
  •  a little cup of mandarin oranges in water. 
305 Calories

Mid-Day Snack

  • Fat Free Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt
  • Banana
208 Calories


  • 1 Serving Smothered Burrito
254 Calories

Okay, so maybe it doesn't seem like a lot, but I really felt like all I did all day long was eat. I guess it just goes to show that you can eat lots, but as long as it's healthy (think fruits and vegetables) you can eat almost as much as you want and be okay! :) Sometimes I learn things too. 

Since this week has been rough so far (and it's only Tuesday!) I decided that after hip hop I would splurge and have a treat. It also helped that I still had over 500 calories left in my daily allowance! So for my snack I had....

  • 1 Cup Light Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 2 Reduced Fat Oreos (crushed up and mixed in the ice cream)
This is probably one of my favorite snacks to have and it only came in at 373 calories. My biggest challenge in the food department is that I have a very large sweet tooth. And I don't care about how people say that if you crave something sweet just eat some fruit and your craving will be satisfied.... Yea I don't think so. Unless that fruit is doused in chocolate it's not gonna work! But it's okay to have sweets as long as you either  work them into your daily calorie consumption or add an extra workout in the day. Sometimes I worry that people are going to judge me if they see me eating sweets and think I'm "bad" or failing at training, but the truth is... everything is fine IN MODERATION. 

I truthfully don't have a whole lot to say, so I'll just leave you with the calorie totals for the day
Calories Consumed: 1436 (Goal 1600- even with ice cream I still came under!)
Calories Burned: 2603 (Goal 2350)
Deficit: 1167 (Goal of 750)
Definitely a good day, surprisingly so! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday and are making healthy choices! 

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