Friday, March 15, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate--- A Lesson in Self Motivation

For those of you who have known me for some time you know that this journey has been a very long one for me. Though I have found so much success in my health and fitness efforts, you know that this was not my first attempt. Countless times before I'd attempted to lose weight. And failed. Fell flat on my face. So what was different this time? A few things. Most of the times before when I started it, my reasoning was ALWAYS for someone else. This time it was just for me. And I think this time, I was just ready for it. And it all just clicked. I knew what I had to do. The end. As I began my journey I made it a point to take a picture every week and put it on Facebook. It served as a journal, but also held me accountable. People could see my journey, struggles, successes, what have you. In doing so, people have told me that I inspired them. People I never even dreamed I would inspire. I have been so humbled on how I can inspire someone by just doing what I need to do to better myself. It has been amazing. I want nothing more than to help people better themselves. I love it- it brings out such a passion in me and it keeps me going. Doing the things I never believed I could do help me show others that it IS possible.

When I first started training, I met someone who became one of my biggest inspirations. He became one of my closest friends and every time I felt like giving up or was upset because things were hard, I hit an obstacle or just a daily frustration I would think of how far he had come and my motivation was back. Our lives both took turns and we didn't see each other much or talk as much as we used to.

So I ran into him at the gym today because I got off work early so was there earlier than I usually am. We were chatting before I started my workout and I mentioned I was hoping to talk to one of the fitness managers but he was already gone. He asked why and I said because I needed to talk to him about my success story. (Update: He never received my e-mail, so I sent it again Wednesday evening. I wanted to catch him today to see if he got it, but he wasn't there.) And the rest of the conversation went like this.
Him: Success story?
Me: Yea, I'm going on the success story wall and then we're going to do a video.
Him: Why?
Me: To go on the wall and the website.
Him: Why?
Me: To inspire people. (At this point I was kinda thrown off)
Him: Why? It won't work.
Me: .....what?
Him: Sure, they'll be all into it the first month, but then they'll quit. I used to train 3 ladies here for free. And after a month they quit. One of them said to me "I'm just destined to be fat" and I told her "Yep, you are."

and the conversation just kept going.

I was thrown off. And I started to get defensive. And mad. And sad. For someone who used to inspire me beyond belief, I was feeling disheartened and even let down a little bit. For the first year of this journey I felt like he was my biggest cheerleader. And now he's telling me that I shouldn't even bother with what I want to do because "it's no use". I've had SO MANY people in my corner. I'm sure there are people out there who doubted that I could come as far as I have, but they weren't vocal about it. So this is my first time dealing with that.

So I had a choice.
1.) I could let his words dictate my future. I could say "yea, he's right. What's the point?" and pack my stuff up and leave. Give up on everything.
2.) I used take his words and let them push me. Motivate me one more time and prove him wrong.

Guess what I chose?

As I ran on the treadmill, I put on my running playlist that I put together for my last 5k (back in September) and I was inspired beyond belief. Here are a few of the songs that got me going.

  • Fighter- Christina Aguilera (this song has been one of my favorites for the past 10 years.)
    "It makes me that much stronger. Makes me work a little bit harder. Makes me that much wiser so thanks for making me a fighter
    But in the end you'll see YOU WON'T STOP ME! I am a fighter. I ain't gonna stop. There is no turning back. I've had enough!"
  • The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes (see a pattern here? haha)
    "Half the population's just waiting to see me fail. Yea right- you're better off trying to freeze hell.
    Until the referee rings the bell. Until both your eyes start to swell. Until the crowd goes home. What we gonna do y'all? Give em hell. Time to hate. Gotta live life til we're dead. Give me scars. Give me pain. Then they'll say to me 'there goes the fighter'
    If I can last 30 rounds there's no reason you should have your head down.
    If you fall, pick yourself up off the floor and when your bones can't take no more remember what you're here for."
    Honestly... I just love that song. It's such an amazing motivator. 
  • Part Of Me- Katy Perry
    "This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me"
    Honestly... I almost skipped this song because I'm kind of over it. But this line is like my mantra. I am doing this for no one but myself. And people can hate all they want, but they CAN NOT take this part of my life away from me. So bam. 
  • Shut It Down- Pitbull Featuring Akon
    "Can't nothing hold me down. I'm gonna touch the sky."
    This is a song we dance to in Hip Hop. I still remember last February we were dancing to it the night before the anniversary of my car accident and it all clicked that nothing can hold me down. It's become somewhat of a theme song for my life since then. 
I found this today. Love it.  Use those negative words to fuel the fire! 

Those are a few of my favorite motivating songs. What are your favorites? Have you dealt with "haters" and what did you do/say to them? I hope you all had a great week. How are you working out this weekend to counter all the green beer you may be drinking? :) 


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