Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Foodie Pen Pals

This month I was matched up with Arlette from New Orleans! I was really excited about this as New Orleans has a special place in my heart. My brother lived there for several years (that's where he met my lovely sister in law!) and we have some friends who live there still. I was able to go visit one summer and just loved it.

When Arlette and I e-mailed I knew it would be a good pairing. She was so sweet and promised a great box. And ohhhh boy, did she deliver! (no pun intended there haha)

In one of the e-mails we exchanged, she told me she knew what she was going to get me and was going to spoil me and she sure did! I made a joke about how much I love beignets and how they probably don't mail well and she sent me a box of beignet mix!!!! So excited to make those! Which I will when I have more than just myself to cook for. :)
 She also sent me A TON of cajun food which I'm totally excited to try. I honestly haven't had time to try any of this because I've been ridiculously busy and I want to share it with someone else. So if there are any takers.... :)

The cookies and fruit leather I'm saving. I'll probably pack the fruit leather in a lunch next week. And I love it because it reminds me of my childhood, which I've really been missing lately.

She wrote me the sweetest card and included it in the box and said to let her know if I'm ever in New Orleans again. I definitely will. It would be great to meet her and personally thank her for this wonderful box. And maybe go get a beignet together! :) 

I'll have to write another blog when I try all this delicious food! 

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