Sunday, May 5, 2013

Official Diagnosis: Patellar Tendon Strain //// Unofficial Diagnosis: MISERY

I realized I never updated after my last post. At the request of my trainer, I made an appointment with my chiropractor to get my knee looked at and he told me I have a Patellar Tendon Strain. So that's awesome. He said to start icing it. I also started taking glucosamine chondroitin with MSM (I still don't know what that is) and ibuprofen for the pain. He also said to start going to the gym and ride the bike, starting at 1 minute and increase a minute each day. Have you ever gone to the gym just to ride the bike for a minute? Kind of embarrassing. I really want to get a shirt made that says "Don't Judge Me, I'm In Rehab" so people will know that I'm not that pathetic. Although, if they watch me the sheer look of pain on my face combined with my limping around the gym oughta clue them in. After my diagnosis I went home to research it a little more and read that these can take 6 WEEKS to heal. Oh boy...

I actually was pretty convinced that the ibuprofen wasn't even working since I was ALWAYS in pain. And then I didn't take it one morning and by the time I got to work I was pretty convinced they were working. WOW! Luckily the pain is subsiding and I haven't taken any ibuprofen since Thursday. Pain level is at a 3 mostly now. It's a bit painful this evening- not sure why, but oh well. I have a nice ice pack on my knee as I am typing this. :)

The pain aside, this has been VERY frustrating for me. I don't deal well with being benched. (or biked, as the case may be.) I'm not able to go to hip hop or aqua boot camp which has been really hard on me. I did go by aqua boot camp on Thursday just to say hi to everyone since I was so bummed to miss it. I'm hoping I'll be able to return soon but somehow I doubt that. :( In addition to that, it seems like everything I was planning for has been sidelined as well.

  • May 20: MY BIRTHDAY!!! One thing I really was looking forward to was hiring that trainer for a few sessions and right before all this happened I decided that getting my first session on my birthday on the TRX would be a great way to start my 29th year. Well, that does not look likely. boo. 
  • Re-Prom: This is actually kind of a moot point. I really wanted to get dressed up and go to re-prom, but knew if my knee wasn't better there was no way that could happen. Well lucky for me, it got cancelled so at least I didn't have to miss out. 
  • Team In Training: Okay, this is probably my biggest letdown in all of this. I was going to join the leukemia lymphoma society team in training to train for my first triathlon. The one I was looking at would be in San Diego in September. I was so excited and while it still could have been a possibility, due to my injury my training season would be cut considerably short so I decided it was best to just put it off another year. I am committed to this organization because they have been so great to my dad through his chemotherapy. I suppose there's always next year.... 
  • 5k: Last year I ran my very first 5k. It was Run For A Child's Sake which was put on by Child Advocacy Center. And even better, it was a part of Taste Of Fort Collins (my favorite event OF THE   YEAR) and I was so looking forward to doing that this year. Of course it's not happening- they are doing a different race in September. I forget what it is, but I know it's not a 5k. Bummer. 
I will say that through this I am being taught to be patient and SLOW DOWN. With my knee feeling a little better, I want nothing more than to jump on that treadmill and go running, but I know that if I do, it will just get worse. So I stick with the bike. I did write out a couple workouts that I can do (arms, chest, back, shoulders) that don't require too much use of my legs so at least I'm getting that in there.

I've been dealing with a lot lately and a lot of anger has built up within the last few days. Usually when I have anger I go for a run and that takes care of it. But since I can't, I turned to my dear old friend, Mr. Medicine Ball.

90 slams of these suckers and I am feeling MUCH better. I feel sorry for anyone who is in the general vicinity of me while I am doing this. I'm sure it doesn't look pleasant. :)

I go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon so hopefully he'll have an idea as to how long it is before I can return full force.

Take care of yourselves, friends!

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