Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saying goodbye to 2014

It has finally come to say goodbye to 2014. Or in my case it's more like a "Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!" 2014 has been the hardest year of my 30 years of life. Even the year my dad was going through chemo didn't seem this bad. Maybe because that was one thing where as this year has been one thing after another. Still.... it hasn't been all bad. So let's take a little journey through 2014.

The year started off with me being SURE it was going to be a great one...

By the end of the month, I lost a friend in the same week that I saw a friend and his wife deal with the death of their little girl. I had to work the day my friend died and thank goodness for Casey who let me just sit in my office and cry while he led youth group until I was ready to do our balloon release.

These kids are so great and let me grieve and just do whatever I needed to do. They joined me for the balloon release of 2 people they'd never met. They are so great! 

Following Cassandra's death, it seemed like everyone put their differences aside and we all grieved together. The cliques and drama were gone. It was nice. We went to the memorial service and got (or at least tried to) our closure so we could move on. Kelly and I went out for burgers and fries in memory of Cassandra and had a really nice chat about a decision I had to make. 

By the end of February I made my decision, put in my 2 weeks notice and cried every time I thought about it. A new chapter in my life was coming and as much as it hurt, I knew it was something I had to do. So I packed up and said my goodbyes. 

I decided to sign up for my very first Triathlon. Yikers! But I got to do it in memory of Cassandra and raise money for her family. So that was great!

I started a new job working with kids from Infants-6 years old. 

March was fairly uneventful. Had a lovely girls night with my best friends from middle school and was finally starting to feel like myself again. 

And just like that everything came crashing down. 
My grandpa had fallen and was not doing well. He was on life support and they were talking about taking him off. I had to prepare to say goodbye. And of course this was all during a retreat I had with my middle schoolers. Coincidentally... this all happened the same night I sent my ipod through the washer... for the second time

They managed to keep me in high spirits and made me laugh during our hikes and games of Quelf. 

My grandpa ended up making a miraculous recovery and my brother and cousins came out for a visit. We had a good time with each other. 
One of my favorite DJ's decided to leave the radio station. I cried when he played his last song. At least my other favorite was still there......

Katy and Dustin got married! What a great ceremony it was!

Mother's Day Meltdown! In the midst of my new job plus trying to get things ready for Vacation Bible School I had a total meltdown. On Mother's Day, after working at the church I walked into my parent's house and my mom said "how are you?" and I burst into tears. It was then that we decided something needed to change. So I called my boss at my old job and asked if I could come back as a sub (spoiler alert: She said yes) and I put in my 2 weeks notice... just 3 months after starting there. Another hard decision. 

I turned 30. 

I did my very first color run. With a migraine.... I wouldn't recommend that. 

I did my very first Vacation Bible School as Director! What a ride that was! My friend Noah came and played Jesus for me. How nice!

I ran (biked and swam) my very first triathlon! It was tough, but a wonderful accomplishment.

Taste of Fort Collins with Cortney! I love that festival!

I led my very first mission trip! And as we all know, my grandpa died while I was there, but everyone I was with was so great and kept me smiling. 

While in Seattle, I ran my very first 5 mile trail run. Hard, but very therapeutic. 

Came home from Seattle and got violently ill. 

Saw Andy Grammer twice in one day. One to take (and surprise!) the munchkin and then once with Kelly!
Grandpa's memorial service. A hard day but good to be surrounded by my amazing family and friends to celebrate one of the best guys that ever lived. 

I BECAME AN AUNT!!!! Best day ever!

I took an ENTIRE week off of work to go to California for a little R&R and to meet my niece. Love at first sight!

It was a great trip but towards the end I just wasn't myself. My brother had asked me about it but I just chalked it up to being tired but even I knew that was a lie. I just didn't know what was going on 

Upon returning home i started having a number of health issues. I finally decided to go to the doctor and see what was going on and that was when I got the lovely diagnosis...

Depression. And to counseling I went...

My OTHER favorite DJ ALSO left the radio station. *Sigh* Things still aren't the same without those two guys. But in true Jessica fashion, I brought him some snickerdoodle cupcakes on his last day. 

I was offered a position as school age coordinator which was awesome. I accepted and love being back with the kids I had when they were in my pre-k class. 


Pretty uneventful month. I went on antidepressants. 

I saw Andy Grammer for the 10th time and sneaked this selfie with him. :) 

I also got to meet Trista and Ryan from The Bachelorette so that was pretty cool! 

My counselor recommended I put together a memory book of my grandpa so I took a trip to my grandma's and we spent the weekend going through pictures. We also skyped with my brother and niece and that was fun! 

I ran the Homecoming 5k, despite wanting to be anywhere else and it ended up being a ROUGH day. But I did it! 

Veteran's Day in Grandpa's place 

My 22 day work streak. I wouldn't recommend doing that. 

Christmas with my awesome family!!! And I got to play with my favorite niece! 

2014 wasn't ALL bad, but a lot of it was really tough. You can find good in any good situation though. It was definitely a year of growth for me. I'd rather not grow in 2015 though, so I'm hoping for a good, happy, healthy year and the chance to get back to being myself. 

So, join me and my niece in saying "GOODBYE 2014!!!!"

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