Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tri For Torres

I'm training for a Triathlon--- WHAT?!

This has been a goal for YEARS. It's actually the reason I joined the gym and started this journey to fitness. But it's always been on the back burner. It was more like "I'll train once I hit my goal weight" which clearly has yet to happen. I wanted to do my first Tri with Team In Training becauase the LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) did SO MUCH for my father when he was going through his chemotherapy. Unfortunately, it has not worked out the last 2 years. Last year I was about to join and I hurt my knee. This year I was going to do it, but they changed the date of the tri to when I'm out of town. And somehow I wound up finding the Boulder Sunrise with Your Cause Sports. Basically, they provide the race and you get to use it as a fundraiser for a cause you believe in. Now, all the causes are for non-profits. After Cassandra passed away (The Loss Of A Friend), I knew I wanted to do something for her family. I lucked out in that the powers that be are letting me raise funds for this cause (it's not a non-profit).

Cassandra and I taught together. She left behind a husband and 3 small children. My goal is to raise $1,000. So far we have $50. (Thank you to whoever donated that!) I will match donations dollar for dollar. 100% of the money donated goes to her family. The place to go for this is: Tri For Torres

A little bit about my training thus far....
I don't particularly enjoy running, biking OR swimming. So naturally this is a GREAT idea. After I signed up for it, I texted my dad about it (he did tris when I was a little girl- awesome role model!) and he said "it's amazing what your body can do". I'm learning just how true that is.

People keep asking me how training is going. And the reality is that training for this race is like a freaking full time job. Seeing as how I already have 2 jobs, training hasn't been quite what it should be. But i'm doing my best and I guess that's all I can do.
Triathlon training day 1: death!!!! Haven't worked out in forever plus I'm still getting over my upper respiratory infection. Plus I never ate dinner last night which made me feel like crap all day long. Ugggh. Ran 1.1 mile and then swam 1100 yards (hopefully..... it was 22 Laps). Going to be a rough three months! #triathlon #training#crazy #notnaked
After day 1 I was super overwhelmed. And let me clarify... 22 laps is NOT 1100 yard. 44 is. And each time when I figure out how many laps I have to do I am totally overwhelmed. But I take it 1 lap at a time. And I'm finding my dad was right. It is getting better. Some days are still hard but I push myself and get it done.

I've actually been swimming the least. It's such an ordeal because there are only 2 lanes at the pool and they seem to always be full. And I just don't really like swimming. But oh well, it will get done. The funny thing about swimming though is that is when I feel Cassandra's presence the most. I know that through all the training she's with me and I know she'll be with me during the race. And that's the one thing that keeps me going.

Tri training! I haven't done any swimming in weeks because I hate it. Swimming is definitely my least favorite. And potentially the thing I'm most nervous about. Just swam 1400 dang yards and it was ROUGH. I did it but it was hard and I'm all sorts of emotional. *sigh* #trifortorres #24hourfitness #workingout#healthy #triathlon #training #swimming #hard # emotional
This was last night. I worked from 9-6:30 and then went to the gym and didn't finish this until almost 9:00. I was exhausted. 1400 yards is 56 yards which seems daunting at first. I did really well until I hit lap 40. And that's when I started to lag. But I took it one lap at a time and got it done.

I miss Cassandra every day and this is a way for me to feel close to her while helping out her family.

I'm off to do some more swimming- have a beautiful Saturday!


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