Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Promises promises

I haven't blogged much the last year and when I have, very little of it has been fitness related. With this being called "A Life Of Gympsiration" I'm not holding up to that very well....

So here's a little recap of what's happened...

I hurt my knee. Yea, it's been about a year. Patellar Tendon Strain = DEVIL. I was TERRIFIED I'd gain weight when it first happened, and when it didn't I was excited.... But as time went on, the eating went to the way side. And I still only gained like a couple pounds. When it came down to it, I really should have kept up my food prep and my working out doing what I could. But a part of me just gave up. I have a "go big or go home" mentality. And so go home I did. It took my knee a good 6 months to heal. Eek.

After that was all over I started working a second job and then I moved. Getting all those figured out put my working out to the side for a bit. I needed to get settled... which again.... took months. I kept saying I'd figure out my new workout schedule but never really did. After work, I'd go home to do work for my second job.

I was typically making it for Hip Hop and Aqua Boot Camp (Until they cancelled that one- GRRRR) but that was it. The few times I would go, I remember how much I hated working out. (Note: This is how old Jessica was before she started LOVING working out.)

Then 2014 came along. A year I thought was going to be great but turned out to be pretty awful (yes I realize it's only March). So many things happened and basically the only energy I had was spent on work. After work I'd go home and get in bed and cry most days. In my grief, I started looking into triathlons to do and I finally found one I could do that could also raise money for a cause I'm passionate about. Boom win win!

And so that's what I'm doing. I'm training for a triathlon. Partially to get my butt back in gear, and partially to meet a goal I've had for years. Every day that I train I am absolutely terrified, wondering what I've gotten myself into.

Oh... remember how I said I'd only gained a couple pounds? Yea, it went up little by little and is at 10 extra pounds. Monday morning when I jumped on the scale and saw the highest it's been in a long time I finally said enough is enough. So I'm back to tracking food, counting calories, wearing my body bugg and working out as much as I possibly can. (Seriously, I woke up at 4 yesterday so I could get my swim in before work).

If I make a promise to myself I will easily let myself down, so I partially make a promise to myself and partially make it to you reading this. I will become the crazy fitness freak we all know and love. I will get my life back. And as Christina Perri says "I'm only human."

Today was day 3 of tracking my food and I ended up being significantly under in my calories. Which means when I put my mind to something I totally kick ass at it. Something to remember. :)

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