Saturday, February 8, 2014

Music is my cheer

Hey look, yet another non-fitness related post! Apparently my life isn't 100% fitness... deal with it. :)

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of my near-fatal car accident. Not gonna go into details about that one. Mainly because I've done that a million times and don't particuarly feel like going through it YET AGAIN. If you don't know and want to, go here.

Every year since my accident I've found some way to "celebrate". Celebrate that I was given a second chance. That I didn't die. Celebrate life. With the death of my friend Cassandra (The Loss Of A Friend) and a ton of other events that have happened since the beginning of 2014 that have had my in a major slump, I didn't really feel like celebrating this year. Why celebrate my life when there's so many people hurting at the loss of loved ones? Everyone has always told me "you surivived for a reason." I have yet to figure out what my "reason" is but when my friend passes away and leaves her 3 young children behind, it really makes me start to wonder. Okay, enough morbid thoughts.

The only real celebrating I decided on doing this year was to schedule a massage for myself. Late enough in the day so I could still sleep in. I decided it would be a day of taking care of myself-- something that is rarely done with my insanely busy schedule.

After work last night I came home and sat on my couch to get some work done and kinda watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony. I was goofing off on twitter and this happened

Before I go any further, let's discuss a couple things. I LOVE MUSIC. I LOVE MUSICIANS. I LOVE HUMBLE DOWN TO EARTH MUSICIANS.

I first became aware of Todd Carey when he started liking a bunch of my pictures of Andy Grammer. (Everyone knows how much I love Andy) I was at an Andy show last summer and I heard some girls talking about Todd Carey and I turned around and asked them about him and they told me he was really good and to check him out.

So I did. He's fantastic.

We all know how much I love Andy. He and Todd are friends (yay friends) and oddly enough look ridiculously alike. And both have AMAZING musical skills.

The thing about Todd is he is SO DOWN TO EARTH and truly loves his fans. The dude snapchats with his fans. Do you see Bieber doing that? Heck no! (Don't even get me started on Bieber lol) He takes the time to respond to his fans. He's just so great.

Case and point. He loves me. :) 
His music and his awesome self cheer a girl up who has been in a deep deep sadness for a long time.

So if you haven't yet, go check Todd Carey out! And check out this awesome song. Takes me back to my childhood. SO GOOD.

So thanks Todd, for helping cheer a girl up. And just being awesome. Keep up the good work!

What music always cheers you up?

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